Wright Dance

School of Performing Arts

What do we offer

The Wright Dance School of Performing Arts offers classes in Dance, Musical Theatre & Acrobatic Arts. Available for children aged from 18 months to 16 years.

ISTD Ballet, Tap & Modern
Street Dance
Cheer Leading
Performing Arts
Acrobatic Arts
Body conditioning
Musical Theatre and Drama
Dance Parties

To support our classes we provide:

ISTD Examinations
Performance Groups
Competition Teams
Discounted Theatre Trips

A message from Gemma

Dancing is a love and passion and open to all abilities. If you have the will and drive to succeed I will be there to support you every step of the way.

With our fully qualified teachers in both the ISTD and Acrobatic Arts disciplines you can be assured that you will be provided with the correct level of training.


It’s easy to see the impressive work that the students take part in from images in annual shows, festivals and theatre performances.

What the parents say

My daughter has been taking lessons at the Wright Dance school since she was 3. It is a well-run, friendly dance school located in Joydens Wood, Bexley. My daughter loves attending the weekly lessons and always leaves each lesson with a smile on her face. Not only has she found a hobby that she adores, but she is developing discipline, commitment and team work skills under the guidance of her dance teachers. The school is part of the community and takes part in local events as well as the yearly show which is always a success. I would recommend Gemma and Wright Dance to both children and adults. It is a very friendly environment and both myself and my daughter are proud to be part of the Wright Dance family!

Tracy Maynard

My daughter has been going to Wright Dance School for 4 years now and truely enjoys all of her lessons. She has performed at various local theatres including Orchard theatre in Dartford and Stag theatre in Sevenoaks, which built up her stage confidence immensely. She also passed all of her ISTD exams with highest marks. I highly recommend Miss Gemma and Wright Dance School.

Antoanetta Paskova

Amazing School! The year end shows are spectacular. The next best part about this school is the teachers, they are all very well trained and great with the children.

Rebecca stead

What we strive to achieve


All classes are instructed by fully qualified professional teachers in performing arts. With correct instruction students develop their technique, creative skills and artistry in performance.


With life style exposure to todays technology it can be difficult to encourage children and young adults to exercise enough. The WrightDance classes offer a outlet which is controlled and directed to offer both fitness and movement.

team work

Working well within a team offers many benefits to individuals. At WrightDance we encourage team work with co-ordinated routines so that the inter-personal skills can be learnt and developed.

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